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Since 10 years, our company has been offering private, flexible and faster air transport solutions by using economic interest group.

Thanks to our experience and expertise in Vendée (40 companies and 4 Diamond DA62), we propose to develop our concept for national ambitions.


We offer an abordable packaged offer to all businesses. All companies become shareholders and use DA62 as fleet available all over the France.

For a minimum of 300 hours they can obtain an aircraft and a pilot for each base.

Choose your place and flight time per year

300h in economic interest group 

Enjoy a fleet all around France

PME, ETI, Holding ... Feel free to contact us to develop an airport base closest to your company : by integrating this group, you will benefit from a fleet of aircraft spread over the entire French territory .



DA62 is an ideal inter-region transport tool. It offers low operating costs and environmentally responsible fuel consumption. 

Twin engine aircraft combining safety ans comfort, it has 1 pilot and 4 passenger seats in a bring space for crossing France in 2 hours. These performances give it access to short runways to land as close as possible to your meeting.

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